Friday, October 16, 2009

Playing "Catch Up" - 10/16/09

Even though I haven't posted a picture, I have been working hard. Got to the studio today around 11:30 and left the side door open, blinds down. Some drunken white man came up and rattled the bars on the front door then began banging on the glass with his fist and shouting, "Let me in!" He scared me to death! I grabbed my cell and was determined to call 911 , but he left. I had just opened the front blinds and Suzy drove up. I nearly ran outside to grab her but I figured I might scare her to death too so I played it cool. Let her in and related my experience and it just so happens the same man came up last week and rattled the gate when she was at the studio alone. This makes me angry! I don't like to be frightened!
The rest of the day was great and I got a lot done: working on David's cupcakes, another set of small chairs is well under way and I began Grant's portrait! Even began another set of chairs to go with the other two.
Probably won't get a lot of painting done tomorrow because of a luncheon and a gallery opening with two of my friends in it. Sunday will be open for painting most of the day.

Thanks for listening to my rantings. I just HATE to be frightened!


  1. I am so glad you are back at the studio. It has been too long that you have been away.

    I hope your will inspire me to get busy painting.

    See ya at lunch and the Dutch Art Gallery's Texas Artist show.

  2. You are working hard!! Love the Grant portrait and chairs....see you at the studio today. KMW