Tuesday, June 29, 2010

06/28/10 on the easel - More Geese

My French Bulldog, Chibi and I got to the studio around 11:00 and were soon joined by some other artists for the day. I began this painting the day before and was able to do some glazing and work on the details yesterday. I can see from this picture that I need to fix a few more things but I am pleased with the reflection of their orange feet on their white under-belly area.

These are the geese of Turtle Creek and they are very pleasing to paint but not so much fun to be around. They tend to attack me. I am very much an animal lover but these geese always expect treats and if you don't deliver - they attack!

Thank you for looking at my blog today.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

06/27/10 My Dad - on the easel

This is my father, Leo P. Morgan, when he and my mom went to Mexico City with friends for an AGC convention. He was about 42 - 45 at the time. I don't know if I'm finished, although I signed it, I will have to live with it for a while. It might need some glazing. This will be framed and given to my sister for her birthday in September - so "Shhhhh," and don't tell her!
Thank you for looking at my blog today.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

06/26/10 revision

I really disliked this painting...... before my friend gave me some constructive criticism and guidance. Now it looks MUCH better ( I think ). My photo doesn't do it justice.

Any more constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. Thank you for looking at my blog today.

Friday, June 25, 2010

06/25/10 Mark Malone at Red Rocks

This stance is so typical of Mark that without seeing his face, you can tell it is him. He and John went to Colorado a couple of weeks ago and they went to visit Red Rocks (just south of Denver) and fell in love with the venue. I hope he will be pleased with his portrait. When I took this picture I didn't get the complete picture in - his shoes are missing .
I normally do the studio artists portraits on 16x20 canvases but I've fallen in love with these long canvases so I just jumped right in and changed Mark's to a biggie. Thanks for looking at my blog.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

06/23/10 Those Honking Geese!

These geese are the same ones that attacked me at Turtle Creek a couple years back. Like spoiled children, they will rush toward you and nip if you don't give them bread or other treats!
I worked really hard yesterday to get the shadows and the reflected light on the water correct. I am pleased with the results. This will be a part of my Trinity River entry into the Dallas Discovery Gardens show in the late summer/early fall. Thank you for viewing my blog.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

06/20/10 On My Easel

I painted for 9 hours yesterday! I am trying to emulate Richard Schmid's style. He chooses one area of focus and really works on detail and the rest of the painting is VERY loose. This is my high school friend's grand-daughter on her second birthday. Terry has photographed so many lovely things and given me permission to paint them that I wanted to paint Riley, her grand-daughter. I am not finished by a long-shot, but I'm happy with the shadows on her dress and her little arm.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

06/19/10 Final pic

I have messed with this picture for the last time!!!! It finally looks like Tami D. and I'm as satisfied as I can possibly be --- it still isn't perfect but it will have to do. Thanks for putting up with my perfectionism.

Friday, June 18, 2010

06/17/10 Inspiration

I am finally back on line. Computer glitches really throw me!
This painting is dedicated to Tami Darlington, who is my inspiration. In the past two years she and her whole family have lost a ton (not literally) of weight and become more active. Tami began running and even qualified and ran the Boston Marathon! She is "Super Woman."
I hope to show this work at the Wine Therapist in the Fall. We have so many shows coming up that I'm finding myself constantly painting with a show in mind. What fun!
Thank you so much for viewing my blog.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

05/02/10 Touch-ups

I added a few more layers to my Trinity River painting. It will take a LOT of layers to make it really good.By the time it is in the Texas Discovery show in August - October, It should really be pretty outstanding. By the way, Karen Rike did some research and found out that White Rock Lake and Turtle Creek are also part of the Trinity River! Who knew?? Maybe there is hope to find a really pretty part to the Trinity River!
My friends at the studio said I needed to hit the bluebonnets with some "lights" - so I did and it has helped.
Thanks to everyone for looking at my blog.