Friday, April 3, 2009

My Curse needs to be lifted!

Thursday, April 2nd was very windy.  I took my dog for a quick walk before I went to the studio as planned.  A large branch fell out of a tree and crashed on my head! I slowly melted to the ground as I saw stars and tried to catch myself by landing on my right knee and left hand.  My hero is my baby boy, Chibi, who licked my face and barked until I woke up. ( only seconds)  I quickly got up and got home, put on a splint and iced my head and wrist. Thought I'd go on to the studio to take my mind off of my aches but once there I decided I'd better call the hand Dr. because my left hand was hurting like it did when I broke my thumb.  Dr. Fredrick was in surgery all day so I went to the Carrell Clinic Emergency ( best place in town for non-life threatening emergencies) Had a possible concussion and broken wrist.  Dr. Wu sent me with a prescription for pain, x-rays and directions to follow. After tutoring I was in severe pain, which is unusual for me.  Slept little and still hurt quite a bit.  Still don't know much more - have to return on April 13 to get re-x-rayed because  this kind of break doesn't show up right away.  Very boring and painful way to start April.  I do have some paintings to post from my trip.  Will do that soon.

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