Sunday, March 20, 2011

03/20/11 Ala Prima!! Keaton Hale

This little cutie is Keaton Hale. I have painted her before - sometimes with success and other times it was a dismal failure! During this Spring Break, Keaton, her mommy, Kelli, and daddy, Nathan, went to Cabo! So this painting is titled "Cabo Cutie," because she is my littlest muse!

I have only been able to do a painting all in one session (ala prima) with my niece and nephew that I know VERY well. To top it all off - this was mostly done with a palette knife! She just fell in place. Of course there is so much paint on this picture that she will be 10 years old before it dries!!! I need to tweek her left arm because it doesn't show up but other than that, as Charlie Sheen says,"Winning!"

Thanks for checking out my blog on this beautiful day!!

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