Saturday, February 26, 2011

02/26/11 Still on the easel - Taking my time!

Chibi and I had the whole studio to ourselves today. I worked on the duck (drake) and the lab's wet fur. It continues to challenge my skills to achieve the look I want. I am determined to get it JUST right! I'll be down tomorrow in the afternoon to continue. Hope Grant shows up so he can give me a few pointers!!! I can see from the photo that the subtle changes in the water color are too subtle! Those feathers are about to make me loose my religion!!!! I WILL get them. All of this try and mix and mix and try is frustrating! I can see I need some lessons - and soon.

My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow painter, Kay Wyne, who just lost her mother this past Friday. Even though she had been sick for a long time, you are NEVER ready to loose you parents. Prayers are going out to you, your family, sister and your children. Remember, we love you a lot!

Thanks for listening to my rantings! Enjoy the great weather today.

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