Monday, February 7, 2011

02/07/11 Big Birthday present!!!

Meet "Big Red," my new painting cabinet!! It was a present from a very dear friend. (Thanks again) It is actually a Craftsman tool cabinet that Laurie Pace, I think, talked about in her blog. It is fantastic for organizing all the things artists need to keep at the studio. This tool chest was on sale for 2 days,2/1-2/2, and I grabbed it up as fast as possible! I ordered it, had it delivered to Sears and picked it up on Friday. Sharon helped me get this monster out of the car and with a little help I was organizing in an hour! I am just in love with it! I still need to label all the drawers with their contents but that is minor. A huge thanks goes out to P. F. for his generosity and thanks to Sharon for helping me put it together!
Thanks for looking at my blog!

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