Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1/6/10 Allie - not finished but well on her way

I've just barely begun her hair! Some times when I look at it - it looks just like her and other times, I wonder how I could go so wrong. There is something that I've done or not done to the right side of her face ( I think it is her jawline) that isn't correct. I still have to darken the shadows that should be on the sides of her temples and work on her hair! I did get her nose but the shape of her face is off. Don't worry it WILL be correct before I finish or I'll start over.

This is an example of a great picture that is difficult to paint because it doesn' thave any deep shadows. The front flash deletes them when they take the picture.


  1. Carol,
    What a nice surprise to log on and see Allie's pretty face! She looks good! We will be eager to see how she progresses. Thanks so much for giving us the treasured gift of portraits of our children. You are the best.

    Lisa and Kenny

  2. She is looking good! Great eyes. Great skin tones. Keep up the wonderful painting.