Saturday, January 2, 2010

01/02/10 "The Greats" - progress

This picture was part of a Christmas card from my nephew Mike and his cute wife Nancy. I call them "the greats" because I have asked them to call me "Carol the great," rather than Great Aunt Carol! They are a precious pair - Payton, 2 yrs., and Morgan,about to turn 4. It isn't finished but I will have to put in the finishing touches when it dries. I did the whole thing in one day and the paint is practically dripping off the canvas.
I don't know who will get this. Karen Rike came up with a super idea - auction it off between the family members! It was lots of fun because I used my palette knife on a lot of it. I will keep you updated on the progress

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  1. I would sure want that painting if I were a member of the Morgan family. They are precious. love it.