Saturday, June 20, 2009


I added a few "under the sea" things to Tyler's hat but I haven't finished them yet. I have eyes and stripes and sea weed to add as well as some more creatures. He is going to be entered in the Mac "15" show so I have to get 15 sea creatures on that tiny cap without smearing them! Wish me luck!
Got the natural lights on my side of the studio yesterday! Makes all the difference in the world!
Finally got Jett's face (one eye looks too large) but the dang stripes on the beach towel are about to make me loose my religion! I do a few stripes and then I have to stop to let them dry or I'd have them smeared ALL over.

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  1. Carol, all of your paintings are wonderful. But my favorite is Tyler Baby...he is a cutie and you captured his sweet little face and those rosey red cheeks on your canvas. Way to go!!!