Sunday, June 14, 2009


This little guy is so much fun to work on ........... I smile the whole time I'm painting! ( he makes everyone laugh or at least comment at the studio) Still have quite a bit to do before I'm through. In fact, Tyler is so cute that I'm going to take some artistic license and change his hat to have 15 little fish on it so I can enter it in the MAC show celebrating 15 years! Then I will let the parents have the chance to buy it if they want. I just know I'm going to win SOMETHING - thanks to Tyler!
I have made a few changes to this picture. Still not finished yet but have made progress.


  1. Hey Carol - I'm Tyler's momma! I love it - it is so funny to me how he is just hanging out in that float. I really appreciate you painting my little man - not so little actually. He is getting even more rolls! I can't wait to see what else you do to him. Keep in touch! - Sarah

  2. If I had a grandson, I would want him to be Tyler. OMG. What a doll...we talk about him down at the studio and just want to squeeze that little fellow. You are doing a great job, Carol. I can't wait to see him tomorrow.