Wednesday, February 8, 2012

02/08/12 Learning to blend

This looks like a mess right now but hopefully it will begin to shape up soon. This is the very beginning of a sunset in Italy picture that my niece and her husband took this summer while on their honeymoon. I hope I can do it justice.
My first problem was that I chose such a large canvas but it seemed to call for one and I've never painted on one this large. I know I have to raise the mountain on the left so it won't be even with the horizon and do some more dry brushing! My right shoulder began hurting yesterday after about 5 hours of brushing, blending and brushing more!
I stopped to go to a demo at the ACA and ended up leaving because I couldn't hear a word that was being said and the painter, although awesome, is just not a "teacher." The whole time I was there I was struggling to hear what was said.(he is also very soft-spoken) So sorry, because I had been looking forward to this demo for several weeks!

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