Sunday, April 4, 2010

4/4/10 Vivian - on the easel

I spent a long day at the studio yesterday with Sharon and Kay. It was so much fun - especially since I hadn't really painted in quite a while. I took poor Chibi with me and the long hours wore him out.
This is Vivian, the granddaughter of my friend Theodosious, Teddy, that I spent time with in Round Top, Tx. I drew her off and had wanted to just get a start on her and suddenly I couldn't stop. My plans of getting home by 6:00 were shot and I just painted. If I hadn't had Chibi with me I might have stayed later than 8:00. Sometimes when I start a portrait I HAVE to continue until I get the right look. I tried a new combination of complexion colors and was pleased so I wanted to get as far as possible before stopping in case I couldn't duplicate this formula again.

Hope Teddy will like her surprise! (once it is finished and dried)

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