Monday, November 16, 2009


Sold this and five other paintings at the Lakewood market. Very successful show . Had a lot of fun but it took its toll on me. Stayed in from the studio to rest - just worn out. Did all the setting up and breaking down myself! Physical labor is not my forte - to say the least. Got it done and am feeling better now that everything is back to normal. Tomorrow is our "Painting Tuesday " at the studio and then we all will start the rush to get ready for the Cedars Open Studio Tour this Saturday, November 21st! Once again, a lot of work but so much fun and I won't be the only one working! I think we will be having a record breaking crowd this year. Last year I only told a few people and this year I broadcasted it to all my friends! Whoa! It could be a real crowd. Please come see all of the fantastic artists at Studio Art and Soul this Saturday.


  1. Congrats on selling your paintings! I am not surprised as your art is wonderful!!! Kay

  2. way to go on selling your art!
    that's awesome.